• Joe Foxton

4 Steps to Achieving a Goal.

We all have our eyes on a prize, but very few know how to reach that prize or even know exactly what that prize is. Here is a 4 step guide on how you can chase that goal you've always longed and get started today!

1. Set a specific goal.

TIP: Writing things down is always a good way of keeping track of progress.

This one may sound obvious but it cannot be stressed enough how important a measurable goal is not only for its attainability but also for tracking your progress.

We've all heard the "I want to make lots of money" goal or the "I want to be fit" goal, but being rich or fit have completely different meanings to different people. Its all based on a persons perspective which is something that will be personal to you.

So get specific, How rich do you want to be? How fit do you want to be? Do you want to be able to run a mile or a marathon? Decide on something you want and find a way to make it measurable.

2. Make a plan

Planning your journey is crucial.

This is a biggie. If you don't make a plan, you're setting yourself up for failure. Think about it this way. Presumably your goal is something that you have never done or somewhere you have never been before. You wouldn't drive to an unfamiliar place without first planning a route, so why should your goal be any different?

Once you know where you're heading, you can begin to map out your way there. Breaking your goal down into smaller goals is a great way to start. First, find something you can do TODAY (maybe step 1 and 2) to get you heading in the right direction, then something you want to achieve this week, month, year and so on.

3. Stay consistent

What we do consistently are what makes us who we are.

Aristotle once said "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Meaning that if you want to excel at something, you cant put in work once and expect the results to come overnight. You may be able to be good at something overnight, but to be great at something takes time and consistent effort.

The time will pass anyway so why not spend it working towards your goal. It only takes small, daily efforts to add up over a long period of time to create something great. A good place for everyone to start is to dedicate 30 minutes of your day to your goal. Anyone can find 30 minutes in their day if they really care about it enough. Build it up and as you progress you will find you prioritise your time more and more to your goal you're so passionate about. Which brings me to the fourth and final tip...

4. Enjoy the process

Sacrifice though the hard times for the rewards at the other end.

Most of the time*. Unfortunately, some things in life suck and thats that. It takes some bad times to appreciate the good times. If you enjoy what it is you're doing, it will make things a lot easier for you and you will make so much more progress in what seems like a lot less time.

The problem with a lot of people is they want something for nothing or they want something quick. There is no substitute for hard work to achieve anything worth having.

Get a goal, make the plan, do your best every day and have a laugh along the way.

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